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RepoMagic is the ultimate solution for managing and organizing your GitHub account. With RepoMagic, you can easily view detailed information and statistics about your GitHub account, search for other users and view their profiles and repositories, create new repositories based on premade templates, and even bulk delete your GitHub repositories. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to keep your GitHub account organized and up-to-date.

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Standout Features:

  1. The ability to bulk delete your GitHub repositories, saving you time and hassle
  2. The ability to create new repositories based on premade templates, so you can get up and running quickly and easily
  3. Our templates include popular technologies such as PNPM, SvelteKit, TailwindCSS, and TypeScript, so you can easily create a modern, well-designed repository that is ready to use

By using your existing GitHub credentials to login, you can quickly and easily access RepoMagic and all of its great features without having to jump through any additional hoops. This means that you can start managing and organizing your GitHub account right away, without any added stress or frustration. No need to generate any API keys or learn any configuration! Sign up now and see how RepoMagic can make your life easier!

Not sure yet? You can use RepoMagic as a guest, even without logging in! As a guest, you can still access many of the great features of RepoMagic, including the ability to search for other users and view their profiles and repositories. This is a great way to get a sense of the functionality of RepoMagic and see how it can help you manage and organize your GitHub account. Plus, you can always log in later to access even more features and benefits.

Please note: RepoMagic is not affiliated with GitHub and we are not responsible for any lost data due to accidental repository deletions. By using RepoMagic, you accept responsibility for any actions taken on your GitHub account. Sign up now and experience the magic of RepoMagic!